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Privacy Policy

Aces Pegasus prides itself on an open, honest and transparent approach.

Terms and Conditions

Summary: By engaging in coaching services with Aces Pegasus, coachees acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Aces Pegasus aims to provide valuable coaching, but the ultimate responsibility for decisions and actions rests with the coachee.

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1. Service Overview - Aces Pegasus provides coaching services for personal and professional development. - Coachees are encouraged to make informed decisions based on coaching and mentoring. - Aces Pegasus is not responsible for the actions clients decide to take.


2. Coachee Responsibilities - Coachees are responsible for their decisions and actions resulting from coaching sessions. - Aces Pegasus coaches provide guidance, but ultimate responsibility for choices lies with the coachee.


3. Liability - Aces Pegasus and its coaches are not liable for any consequences or outcomes of coachees' decisions. - Coachees acknowledge that coaching is not a substitute for professional advice and should seek appropriate counsel when necessary.


4. Confidentiality - All coaching sessions are confidential unless there is a legal obligation to disclose information. - Coachees must also maintain the confidentiality of their coaching sessions.


5. Cancellation and Rescheduling - Coachees should provide 24-hour notice for session cancellations or rescheduling, - Failure to do so may result in session forfeiture.


6. Payment - Coachees agree to pay the agreed-upon fees for coaching services promptly. - Aces Pegasus reserves the right to withhold services until payment is received.


7. Termination - Aces Pegasus may terminate coaching services if a coachee violates these terms or engages in inappropriate conduct.


8. Changes to Terms - Aces Pegasus reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, with notice provided to coachees

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