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We provide world class Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy.

If you want a keynote speaker, we can do that too.

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Decades of experience coaching and instructing plus accredited coaching qualifications give us the foundation to help you solve your problems.



We are deep experts in leadership, management and operational planning. Allow us to help guide you through your problems and fuse your expertise and our experience into a superb new direction.



Whatever issues or problems your company has, we have a team of experts we can call on to deliver solutions for you. We take a very open and honest approach and will always work with you - adding value - not cost.

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TEAM alignement

8 Steps

High Performance. Active Listening, Psychology focused, Mentoring and Coaching based on 30 years of being fast jet operators, leaders, instructors, risk holders and expert coaches.


Free Rapport Session

It is all about you, the customer. What you want to do, what you want to achieve, what problems you need to solve. That all starts with a relationship. The first free session is to set out how we will work and if we can add value. If either side is not in the right place - you get a full refund.



We will work to understand your personality, your motivations and the way you think. Things that have shaped you to be you - from childhood to now, things that drive you, things that get your attention, and things that are unique about you.

We will analyse and develop how you make decisions under pressure. 



It is important for us to learn more and we will use this full session to develop Sir John Whitmore's superb GROW model.

We will define your GOAL (or GOALS).


Explore the REALITY of your situation.


Develop OPTIONS using the Socratic method.

and finally look at your WAY forward.

The WAY forward will always use SMART targets to allow us to push your ambition and to develop your clear plan.


Holding to Account

Debriefing is everything in military aviation. We will use your SMART targets and your targets to assess how we are doing.

We will use key facets of instructional technique from Central Flying School and ensure you know the 3 KEY THINGSs you need to be working on after each session.

We will help support you and hold you to account in equal measure. Honest, pragmatic and professional.


Campaign Plan

We will look to help you organise and execute better with the Joint development of a Campaign Plan that will focus on situational awareness and what you want your mission end-state to be. We use operational campaign planning tools from fast jet missions (4Ts and Time) as well as Deep Operational Analysis and Campaign Design tools.


High Performance Focus on You

High performance principles are pretty straight forward right? You have read a lot of books, listened to the pod casts and the TED talks. So why is it hard to actually do it and why are you not succeeding yet?

Our role is to help you focus on the key factors we all struggle to get right: Your Support Network, Your Mindset, Your Sleep, Your Nutrition and Exercise, Your Work Life Balance, Your Ambition, Your Principles, Your Limiting Beliefs, Your Decision Making.

Ultimately we will help you add value and get a demonstrable ROI.


Your Leadership & Decision Making

Whatever roles you have, you will be leading and following.

(Everyone has a Boss!)

However, how you lead yourself, and how you lead your team or your organisation is important. We have decades of insights and training which can help you. We also know that your roles can be isolating even in a good team. Use APC as a trusted space to explore your plans and options - we are here just for you. We will explore the OODA loop, timeline and strategy to help you succeed in a volatile and complex world.

Review and
Grow Your Vision

We will take the final session to review where you are on your journey and help you develop the next stages of your plans and solutions.

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